CultBaku Club was founded in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2017 as a platform for people working in creative fields or genuinely interested in participating and/or contributing to cultural events organized by the club. The creation of the club and its establishment at every stage was inspired by the Soho Club London as well as other private member clubs around the world.


We firmly believe in the transformational power of culture and its role in strengthening ties between the members of a society, as well as its significance for building intercultural relationships. We acknowledge the power of art and exchange of experiences in diverse fields to have positive impact on the wellbeing of our members – which is our priority at all times.



Our mission is to create a community of like-minded people with creative abilities and an inquisitive outlook on life. Through a variety of cultural events, we expect to grow into a hub and promote local culture as well as organize international meetings with authoritative creative minds.


At the club we plan and bring to life unique events that allow self-expression and serve for mutual benefit of all the attendees, be it a book discussion at the Baku Book Club or Networking Club (speed networking events).

Our events include such unique gatherings as: Embassy Series (cosy evenings or master classes with Diplomatic Elite of country etc.), Exclusive Lunches/Dinners by the best restaurants and hotels in town; outings and concerts in nature (trips to the country with musical bands etc.).

Another important exclusivity of the club is that it provides the members with special seasonal offers from our partners and friends. You can see the list of our partners here.


  • Unique events every month
  • Local and international Club Friends Events
  • Ticket discounts to the local and international concerts/events/conferences/lectures
  • Exclusive discount cards from specific Club Partners 
  • Free of charge business meetings once per month with the Club specialists (lawyer, accountant)
  • Other seasonal and yearly offers by our Club and its Partners available to club members only