Membership is only considered valid if a candidate has:

– Two proposers from the Club

– Completed application form

– Proceeded payment of the membership fee

Application Form:

We ask for your details in the application and the ID card number of you to keep in our database. This is important for security reasons and in case of misusage of your membership form data. Due to high interest to the club from the candidates without recommendations, we are always working on the enhancement of our rules. Your details will be protected as our Club administration never shares the information about members with any third party.

Membership Fee:

Each candidate for membership of the club has to submit the official half or full yearly membership fee in order have an access to the events registration on the website and through online communication. Payment is required upon the confirmation of the application letter by the Club Administration. Failure to provide payment would suspend the authorization of the official membership.

The membership is for a minimum period of 6 months or one year and renewable on annual basis. This means that the memberships are not prolonged by default and would need to be reconsidered once you apply for the next membership.

Key benefits&exclusivities of the CBClub Membership:
  • Access to unique and exclusive events
  • Seasonal offers (guided tours in Azerbaijan and beyond)
  • Discounts in selected venues
  • Pro bono legal and tax advice from professional consultants of the Club
  • Access to the office facilities of the Club, including Conference Room
Membership archive:

We ask for your details in the application and a photograph of you to keep in our database. This is important for security reasons and in case of misusage of your membership card.

Club Rules:

– Every member of the club shall refrain from taking photographs of other members and guests during the event

– Members should come to events in an appropriate attire (smart casual is always welcome)

– It is not recommended to break each other’s privacy by starting unpleasant conversations or troubling any other club member with intervening into other conversations

– Club reserves the right to exclude any member if he/she does not abide by the rules and online communications rules that are subject to change according to club admins.

Host members and extra guests:

Every member of the club has a right to bring extra guests with them to certain events. If a member himself cannot attend the event, their guests can still attend on their own but with the advanced notification to the organizers.

The club administration may however restrict the number of extra guests if all the available spots are occupied by the members of the Club. The priority is always given to the members. In case a member wants to bring more than three guests, prior arrangements must be made with the manager on duty or a secretary of the club.

Membership Categories:

Membership types you can see here

Privacy and confidentiality:

Privacy is the number one asset that we are offering our members. Members should not approach or disturb other guests during the events if they are not introduced to each other or personally acquainted or if they consider that doing so they may disrupt someone’s privacy and wellbeing. This may cause dissatisfaction of each of the parties. To sustain relaxed atmosphere and the best level of confidentiality, the club does not encourage members to take photos or videos of the events except while breaks or at the end of the event. The photos or videos of other members can be taken only with their permission. Our phone policy is one of the core rules to keep the member list confidential and in order to keep the genuine interest in becoming the part of our community.

All the information that is in the Club’s database is for maintain all record of our members and in order to study their tastes as well as work on the improvement of our events and their variety. We concern our members private information to stay in strict confidence. We can only share numbers and names upon the approval and agreement of our members to network with each other for some specific purposes.

Online communication:

It is important that every member respects the privacy of the WhatsApp group that was created as the very first online community of our Club before its physical existence. The abusiveness of the privacy concerns every conversation that is out of scope or out of the matter of conversation. The members of the group are liable to discuss only the event and everything that concerns the event, except for post event impressions. In order to express post event impressions, the administration is encouraging and inviting every single member to share their feelings through the private messages on our website (soon to be ready).

Every member who does not respect the rules of communication, i.e. start an argument, use bad wording or initiate an outside topic, will be expelled from the group or his participation in the group will be suspended for three days. The administration keeps its right to add/edit the additional rules to the online communication and any other from the below-listed.

Conduct and attire:

Dress code will be announced before each event if the administration deems it necessary and must be adhered to by the members. It is preferable to always come to events in a clean and tidy manner. Members are welcome to choose their smart casual attires to each of the cultural events, excluding the events where there will be food master classes or sport activities or other events that allow for more relaxed dress code. Drunkenness, bad language and abusive behavior is not welcome and is not permitted in the Club premises.

Participation rules and cancellation:

1. Attendance fee shall be paid in advance.
2. Cancellation is permittable.
3. Full refund is granted in case of cancellation within 10 days’ notice in advance.
4. 50% refund is granted in case of cancellation notice within 7.
5. No refund is granted in case of cancelation notice within 3 or fewer days in advance.
6. The late payment rule implies an increase in attendance fee if paid at the venue.