Cult Baku Club Member Benefits For All Members

Kurban Said Restaurant

Kurban Said Restaurant is one of the best and preferred restaurants in our historical and peculiar part of Baku.

Our partner, the Kurban Said restaurant, offers our club members and their friends a 10% discount on the entire menu.


Ali&Nino bookstore chain offers book lovers of the CultBaku Club a 10% discount for all club members with CultBaku cards.

This discount is available in all branches of the Ali&Nino bookstore.

A-Level Education Center

A-Level Education Center offers services in learning a foreign language, tutoring in school subjects, preschool preparation, SAT, SAT MAT.

The educational center offers members of the CultBaku club an exclusive 10% discount on all services.


YOU COFFEE is a cozy cafe in “Ağ Şəhər”, which offers delicious coffee and desserts lovers  a 10% discount on the entire menu.


JUMANJI BAKU is a beauty salon that offers haircuts and hair care services for children and teenagers. The salon is located in “Ağ Şəhər”, Baku.

The beauty salon offers a 10% discount to members of our CultBaku club.


WAX&GO AND FACE ONLY BAKU  is a salon of cosmetology services, facial massage and other types of care. For members of the CultBaku club, such a salon offers a discount:

* 10% on facial massage

* 10% on manicure services

* 10% on laser&wax services

* 10% on eyebrow lamination

* Care from the Genesis brand (LED lamp, strong face, Genesis ampoule) – price for participants only – 90 AZN (standard price: 130 AZN)


ZADAGAN is a brand of home textiles in the national spirit.
The brand offers members of the CultBaku club 15% discount on tablecloths, 20% discount on all products during the holidays.


SMART SMAK is a store for healthy food lovers. If you prefer healthy food both for yourself and for your family, then the SMART SMAK store will be an ideal choice.

The store offers members of the CultBaku club 10% discount on all products.


RUE-is a clothing store.

The perfect choice for lovers of quality, tasteful and long-lasting clothing.

The clothing store CultBaku offers a 15% discount on all products for its members.


HOPE CAFE is for lovers of gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free food and for vegetarians.

The cafe offers members of the CultBaku club an exclusive 20% discount.


LABOREJO is a store of fashionable and exclusive jewelry.

The store offers an exclusive discount to members of the Cult Baku club:

10% discount on all pearl products based on gold.

Atmosphere Development

Atmosphere Development – yaşayış və kommersiya xarakterli mülklərin tikinti sahəsində yenilikçi tikinti şirkətidir.

Şirkət 15+ illik tikinti, dizayn və memarlıq sahəsində böyük təcrübəyə malikdir, buna nümunə olaraq  Lighthouse Sea Breeze, Woodville Sea Breeze, Olivia Village kimi layihələri misal çəkmək olar. Layihələrin yaranma prosesində mütləq diqqət etdikləri məqamlar: yaranan ideyanın hazırlanması, tikinti üçün uyğun sahənin seçilməsi, inkişaf və tikinti. Şirkət hər bir detala diqqətlə yanaşır, çünki harmoniya dolu həyatın quruculuğunda hər bir detal əhəmiyyət daşıyır.

Atmosphere Development CultBaku klub üzvlərinə və onların yaxınlarına 5% endirim təklif edir.

THE ANJIR – women’s accessories store.

Our partner offers CultBaku club members who want to complement their look with delicate and fashionable accessories a 15% discount.

The Russian House in Baku 

The Russian House in Baku provides its platform to Azerbaijani partners for holding joint concerts, exhibitions, and creative meetings in order to highlight the national culture of Azerbaijan and demonstrate the joint achievements of the two peoples in the cultural and humanitarian sphere.

Great support in this area of ​​activity of the Russian House is provided by Azerbaijani partners – the Baku Music Academy named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli, the Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic named after Muslim Magomayev, the Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Samed Vurgun, the International Mugham Center, VTB Bank Azerbaijan, societies of Russian compatriots living in Azerbaijan and etc.

“Nakhchivan” restaurant

“Nakhchivan” restaurant is a special place where traditional Nakhchivan cuisine reigns. Its secrets are skillfully mastered by the chef of the Nakhchivan restaurant. Guests are invited to try various types of Nakhichevan kebabs, excellent Ordubad snacks and desserts. There are 15 (you heard it right!) types of delicious pilaf – the king of the table, as well as other incredibly tasty dishes of traditional cuisine.

-15% discount is valid for the club members.

Rose Bar

Emin Agalarov’s successful Rose Bar project (restaurant) has started a major renovation in Baku. With focus on Greek and Lebanese cuisine, the new exquisite menu ensures to drive attention of different types of audiences who will not stay indifferent to the interesting and beautiful flavours brought to the table by talented chefs.

“Rose Bar” restaurant has won the love of Baku residents since the day one of its opening. The pillars of success are quite traditional: the stylish interior of an exclusive yacht whose owner surely has an impeccable taste; Greek and Lebanese cuisine reimagined by chefs Kirill Berger and Maksim Golovin.

-15% discount is offered to the club members.