Mirzoeva Nazrin

Nazrin Mirzoeva is the founder of the club. She was born in Baku. At various times she lived in Moscow, Geneva, Fontainebleau, Tbilisi and London. Graduated from the Law School of Baku State University. She further continued her studies in Geneva and received a master’s degree in international relations in 2010. Inspired by the old London clubs, Nazrin formalized the club as a legal entity in 2019. From 2017 to 2019, the club existed as a WhatsApp chat group with its own social media page. Nazrin loves music and is fond of poetry. Favorite music – Rachmaninov, when you need to think; Spice Girls – when you need to relax; The Beatles – when you want to sing together; Eyyub Yagubov – to always remember where the soul comes from. Favorite authors and books – Mikayil Mushvig (all poems), Leo Tolstoy (Art), Boris Akunin.

Alieva Rena

Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry. Rena works in a consulting company and provides services to clients that include Commerzbank, Société Générale, Tyco Electronics, and many others operating in the field of oil and gas, construction, pharmaceuticals. In the club, she holds the position of HR (support in human resources under the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan). Favorite books – “Gone with the Wind” by Mitchell and “The Thorn Birds” by McCullough. Favorite singers – Alessandro Safina, Max Fadeev, Emin Agalarov.

Mirzoeva Ziba

Ziba graduated from the Faculty of Sociology of the Commercial Institute “Futurology”. She has extensive (15+) experience in working with clients, including such international and local companies as Azercell, International Bank of Azerbaijan, Deloitte, Baker & Mckenzie, Baker Hughes and others. Ziba holds the position of Club Manager. She is an introvert by nature and maintains a nordic character. Ziba feels comfortable in a small circle of friends and people who speak succinctly. She enjoys interesting literature, arthouse films, walking, traveling, delicious food, animals. Favorite book – “The World through the Eyes of Garp” by J. Irving, besides Irving, prefers Kafka, S. King, G. Lovecraft, A. Chekhov, J. Orwell, M. Bulgakov, in the art of Bosch, Renoir. Favorite work of art – triptych “Garden of earthly delights” I. Bosch. Favorite melody – E. Doga waltz from the movie “My sweet and tender beast”.

Osmanova Nazifa

Graduated from Baku State University. Since 2021, she has practiced law and currently works at the N6 Law Office in Baku. Nazifa is fluent in English and Russian and received a Master of Science in Jurisprudence at Baku State University in 2006. She specializes in the following areas of jurisprudence: corporate law, contract law, tax law, labor law and has worked with foreign companies operating in the field of oil and gas, pharmacology, high technology, trade. In the club, she is engaged in legal support of the club’s activities (from corporate changes to the development of internal rules). Favorite book – “1984” by J. Orwell. Favorite work of art – sculptures by Bernini. Favorite melody – Bayaty Shiraz.

Feyzullaeva Rena

She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry. She worked as a programmer. Since 2008 she has been working in finance as an accountant and has extensive experience in this field by working with foreign representative offices in Azerbaijan and local companies. In the club, she holds the position of an accountant. Favorite book – Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. Favorite music is national. Favorite hobby – buying and giving gifts.

Dashdamirova Fatima

Studying at the Faculty of International Relations at Baku State University. In the Club she holds the position of an SMM-manager. She is fond of Psychology, medicine, as well as spiritual practices, loves meditation. She wishes to continue her studies in the future by as a Clinical psychologist. She loves to create an atmosphere and coziness (maybe it’s in the horoscope, but this is inaccurate)). She prefers psychological thrillers, dramas and melodramas. Favorite book – A. Nekrasov “Mother’s Love”. Favorite performers are Sade and Agutin’s duet with Varum.

Abbasova Sevinj

Was born in Moscow, grew up in Baku. In the Club she holds the position of Relationship manager, Petroleum engineering Bachelor Degree. Quite an active person, sociable, loves to communicate with people with a good sense of humor, appreciates tolerance. Hobbies include graffiti , Aikido and Latin dances. Favorite fashion style – Parisian chic. Inspired by Chanel’s integrity, Frida Kahlo’s love of liberty. Favorite literary character – Elizabeth Bennett, the heroine of Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice”, very often reviews the film based on the novel. She dreams of traveling to different parts of the world to represent the culture and history of Azerbaijan in large world organizations.

Quliyeva Nuranə

Graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages with a bachelor’s degree in Regional Studies (Norway). In 2018 and 2019, participated at Summer school of Culture, Language, literature at the Universities of Agder and Oslo in Norway. Holds the position of Event manager at the Club. In high school took piano lessons for 7 years. Rather because of that, she loves the harmony inherent in each part of local and foreign art. Greatest interest in travel and getting acquainted with different cultures.

2019, 2020

Gasimova Gunel

Graduated from the Faculty of World Economy (Bachelor) of the Qafqaz University in 2017. She believes that she was very lucky with the choice of the University since from the first days she studied in an atmosphere of respect for students and democratic setting. During her studies at the University, she had an internship in the regional branch of Parex Bank in the customer relations department, treasury department of the Ministry of Finance,, marketing department at Caspian Hospital. She favors the work that requires creativity, creativity and communication skills to office work. Gunel is acting as an Event Manager in the club. Her favorite writer – Anna Gavalda, loves biographical literature. Favorite music – works of Zimmer, Riccardo Cocciante, Tina Arena, etc. Favorite works of art – “Bacchus” by Caravaggio, “Nightmare” by Henry Fuseli, “Dante and Virgil in Hell” by Adolphe William Bouguereau.


Mirzoeva Kamilla

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the Faculty of Public Administration. The choice of the specialty “Economics” did not interfere with the development in the field of her favorite business, which has been drawing since her childhood. In her free time from studying and drawing, she likes to read books in the genres: detective story, drama / melodrama. Favorite book authors: Agatha Christie, Guillaume Musso, Erich Maria Remarque. She loves order, punctuality and creativity in everything.

Safarli Kamala

Kamala pursued her Master’s degree after she graduated from the faculty of philology of the Baku branch of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov with a degree in Italian linguistics. During her studies, she worked on translations of poems by Michelangelo Buonarroti and the history of Italian art. She worked as a translator at many cultural and sports events in parallel with teaching. Now she teaches at the Ders Evi educational center, where she consults students, helps them determine their professional choice, and coordinates a team of teachers as a Team Leader. In the club, she organizes events and builds processes. She is thoughtful, rational, sociable by nature and believes that open communication is the main key in solving many problems. Favorite style of music: techno. Favorite sculptures: Nika of Samothrace and The Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn.

Heydarli Sakina

Graduated from ADA University, Faculty of State and Public Relations (Bachelor) (2019). Previously, she worked as a Project Manager Assistant at the GIZ Twinning Project (Ombudsman) and Assistant Manager at the Hilton Hotel. She currently works as a Human resources Specialist at “Dincer and Jarcioglu” JV and as a translator at the International Department of the Ministry of Justice. Participated in many projects in the development of Azerbaijani culture; Book Trailer Festival, Music club, women at Hilton etc. Although she likes to explore the music and literature of different nations, she prefers Azerbaijani culture. Her favorite author is Jojo Moyes. Her favorite work as a novel and film is “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Her favorite music is our national music. Her biggest hobby is spending time with people with like-minded people with similar tastes.

Imanly Mehin

Graduated from the Faculty of International Relations and Economics of Baku State University. Despite studying political science and world diplomacy, it was the art and creative people that inspired Mehin from early childhood. As a child, she studied music and dance and still paints and is engaged in photography today. She is interested in marketing and content creation and has worked in local companies in this area. In parallel with her studies at the university, she also studied at the school of design, specializing in fashion design for two years. She is interested in everything that is somehow connected with art and enjoys visiting exhibitions of local and foreign artists, music evenings and various events where creative people come together. Favorite direction in painting: expressionism. Favorite artist Vincent Van Gogh. Among local artists, she is interested in the works of Ali Shamsi, Sakit Mammadov, Emin Gahramanov.


Mammadli Farah

Farah is a senior sustainable development consultant at Ernst & Young Azerbaijan and a mother of 3 children. She has over 5 years of experience in external insurance and consulting services for small and large business clients. She holds the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards certificate and is the first specialist in the development of environmental sustainability from Azerbaijan to receive the ISSP-SA certificate. In the club, she acts as a web content and social media consultant. As a consultant, Farah focuses on sustainable finance and responsible investment, as well as the social dimension of sustainable development. In addition to her main job as an advisor, she is likewise involved in a number of awareness-raising initiatives on gender equality, inclusive workplaces, human rights and community participation. In her spare time, she runs an inspiring blog @beyondthediapers. Favorite book – “The Idiot” by Dostoevsky. Also loves Albert Camus and Kafka. Favorite films – “Strawberry Glade”, “Scenes from Married Life”, “The Seventh Seal” by Ingmar Bergman. Favorite music – vintage jazz and bossa nova. Favorite work of art – “The Card Players” by Paul Cezanne.

Kamran Agasi

Kamran Agasi has around 20 years of experience working in public and private sectors in Azerbaijan and beyond. Before joining Avromed, Kamran managed Agrodairy LLC, one of the biggest agricultural companies in Azerbaijan with investments of over $200 mln. Between 2017 and 2019 Kamran worked as a Non – Executive Director at the Supervisory Board of Azsigorta insurance company. During 2014-2018 Kamran lead Innovations Center, a government start-up aimed at introducing new innovative solutions and advanced technologies in the public sector and beyond. Innovations Center was supporting the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASAN Service) in implementation of institutional reforms, as well as managing IT infrastructure of ASAN centers nationwide, E-visa system, ASAN Pay payment system, ASAN Radio, ASAN Utilities customer service centers and public-private partnership initiatives. Kamran has strong strategy consulting experience, and apart from numerous consulting projects, he spent five years at Strategy and Business Development Directorate at Royal Dutch Shell providing advisory services to the Board of Directors and Shell global businesses through the use of scenario planning tools and was a part of the core team developing Shell Global Scenarios to 2025 and Shell Energy Scenarios to 2050. He also worked as a Research Fellow at Columbia University, within the Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy in New York. Kamran holds a master’s degree from London School of Economics in Theory and History of International Relations and Bachelor’s in Russian Language from Baku Slavic University. Effective March 2020 Kamran Agasi is Chief Executive Officer of Avromed Company.

Gunay Rasulova

Gunay Rasulova has 10 years of extensive marketing experience and has worked with such major brands as Coca Cola, Master Card, Unilever, American Chamber of Commerce, IDEAL, Bakcell, etc. She has led the marketing department at Ders Evi, has international experience in marketing. She founded her center on an innovative method of teaching English You Will Speak (, is also a moderator and marketing manager of the online platform of the same name.

Narmina Seyfullaeva

Currently, forecasting and control over investment projects, investments and budget execution are carried out. Has over 15 years of experience in the banking sector of Azerbaijan. At various times, she held a position in sales and customer service, business support and project management. The last position held in the bank was the Chief Operating Officer of OJSC VTB Bank (Azerbaijan).
She holds an MBA in Business Administration under the joint program of ADA University / Maastricht School of Management. Narmina has solid experience in academic research, writing and mentoring in academic writing and business consulting services for businesses and individuals, in areas such as corporate governance, developing and writing business plans, and assessing the profitability of a particular business area.
In the club, he holds the position of a research and development consultant. Provides business consultations on international standards. She is a translator based on her first academic degee. In her free time, she is fond of coaching, psychological practices, NLP. Favorite book – “Notre Dame Cathedral”, “Thais of Athens”, “Gone with the Wind”.Favorite movie – “The English Patient” Favorite work of art – “Sistine Madonna.”