A Guided Tour: Traditional Art Center; the Beyler Mosque; The Art Studio of Artist Vusale Agarziyeva.

We started our tour from Merci Baku and went further into The Old City (Icheri Sheher):
1. Traditional Art Center. At the handcraft studio of the TAC anyone can try him/erself in handcrafting and creative painting on the plates and scarves.
2. The Beyler Mosque (built in 1895 and open again after renovation works just recently)
3. The art studio/art corner of Artist Vusale (closer to Qosha Qala entrance to the Old City). We had a special pleasure to see and hear firsthand from Vusalya about her plans for the Cartier contest as well as the exhibition at Hamam in November 2017. She has shared her own view of the creative process and the inspiration behind her art works. She told us she was influenced by Picasso for a while and noticed it from the cubism techniques she has used in her paintings.