Arts and Culture with CBClub: “Arshin Mal Alan” at Marionette Theatre.

Thanks to the Azerbaijan Marionettes Theatre, our members visited the Arshin Mal Alan play all together. We could not wait! The performance took  the spectators back to XXs ancient Baku in different manner for a moment and made them experience the atmosphere of that time. Full-volume arias were executed in performance of popular singers, Ms. Huraman Gasymova (in the role of Gulchohra, and Mr. Ilgar Muradov (in the role of Asker). The performance which includes profiles of Icheri Sheher was provided as for adult, and children’s audience.
The team, headed by Mr. Tarlan Gorchu – the first establisher of marionette theatre in Azerbaijan, went on tour to France, US, Russia, Poland, Germany and Switzerland with “Arshin mal alan” performance. This classic work aroused great interest in and won the sympathy of foreign audience.

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