CultBaku abroad: Exploring Venice.

Cult_Baku Explores Venice. 

This time it’s our all time favorite Lorenzo Quinn’s yet another masterpiece installed at the opening day of the 57 international Venice Biennale (legendary art exhibition). These gigantic hands are named “Support” and are symbolic exposition of the effort that all humanity should make in order to avoid the global warming and other calamities of global scale. 
Its a well-known fact that Venice is at risk of getting into “too intimate relationships with water” meaning that it would eventually disappear under it. 

Lorenzo has talked about his worries of the children’s (including his three boys) future on our planet in his recent interviews before the installation. “Quinn made the sculpture in his Barcelona studio using an ancient method known as “lost-wax casting,” a millennia-old process that involves casting a mold created with a wax model of the sculpture— a nod, the release says, to “the Masters of the past.” (Conde nast traveler)

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