Meet the Artist: Faig Ahmed. Yarat Contemporary Art space Library

Faig Ahmed’s 10(-35) sweeping carpet installation at the Kapellhaus is one of the most massive artworks by the artist and the largest shown to public in Baku.
Distribution of tension in this artwork is as important as in traditional carpet making process: if made unequally this will cause irrevocable deformation of a carpet once it is cut off the loom. In installation the tension allows the whole construction to stay stable. 
The weavers transcribed Faig Ahmed’s subconscious creation inspired by his reading about Planck length (the smallest possible length that equals to 1.616229(38)×10−35 meters calculated using three fundamental constants) into geometric patters of a carpet. According to Ahmed, the installation ‘concentrates human power and energy of everyone involved in its formation’.

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