Meet the Artist: Interview with Fidan Kim



Fidan Kim is a young Azerbaijani artist, Fine Arts Academy graduate, participant of numerous exhibitions and festivals in Azerbaijan and abroad. Just recently – at “Qız qalası” festival, at exhibitions, organized by UNESCO and Heydar Aliyev Foundation, at a project, organized within first European Olympic Games in Baku – her fantastic paintings made all the guests turn around at them. Fidan took master classes in Italy, Great Britain, Georgia, USA not once, studying different techniques from stained glass painting to book illustrations. Her works were exhibited in YARAT and she supervised an exhibition herself. Rapidograph gets a magical power in her hands. In her imagination characters, stories and symbols of national culture overlap into unimaginable pictures, which she shows on canvas, combining graphics, Orientalism, Surrealism, Ornamentalism and Miniature.

Fidan Kim’s works were exhibited for a week at Contemporary Art Fair Expo 2018 in Shanghai, and we questioned her about this experience as soon as she came back.


How did you come to Shanghai?

In May of this year with support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, my personal exhibition took place within national day of Azerbaijan in headquarters of SCO in Beijing. My art was highly commended there by Secretary General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Then I was invited to achieve an old dream of mine – participate in Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair. And after these events SCO is enquired about my art on permanent basis.

How long are you drawing?

My entire life. I was 3-4 years old when I already could not put down paper and pencils.

Were you interested in Asian culture before?

It attracted me since childhood. I remember having a lot of books about Far Eastern culture and history. I watched their movies and plays. I even had a little red kimono, embroidered with dragons. I often use it in my works. All the more, I dreamed of visiting Shanghai, but I could not even expect my art to be the reason!

Which exhibition is this, so far?

If I count personal ones, then this is the fifth exhibition.

How were you greeted there?

I was greeted on the highest level. Firstly, I was representing my country, and only then myself. There were world’s leading art representatives on this exhibition. Thousands of people visited hundreds of pavilions during one day. World’s art dealers, public officials, the most powerful figures of art market and thousands of visitors. All of them showered me with questions about Azerbaijan and our people. Therefore, I invited them to visit our beautiful city with honor. Regarding my works, I was offered to become a member of Union of Artists in China. They also were interested in selling my works on China market. As a result, they invited me to have my personal exhibition in Hong Kong. Of course, I could not forget the positive reaction on my works, their high rate and support.

Were there any kind words that you remember?

I certainly remembered phrase of Rashid Alimov. He noted that I was given creativity to serve as a bridge between cultures of different corners of the Earth and in this, represent the richest culture of Azerbaijani nation. 

Interview: Nazrin M. for Nargis Magazine